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A Few Frith Related Rants...

Point the first:

TVLand is currently showing Cheers Season 8 episodes. I've noticed over the past few days that in the episodes shown, even if Lilith is only in the episode briefly, the happiness between her and Frasier is made clear.

Last week, for example, they showed the episodes where Lilith is taking singing lessons. Frasier is of course skeptical about her ability, but apologizes for his lack of faith after she sings to Frederick in the bar.

Yesterday, Lilith was only in the episode near the end. Frasier is making a comment about not being huge on physical affection. Then Lilith comes into the bar and says, "Frasier, it's time to go!" Before leaving, Frasier comments, "I sure married the right woman." Now, it could just be my inner Frith fangirl reading into that statement, but the point is that you can see it. It's there.

What happened to these little sides in all the later episodes?

Point the second:

Why must Fox skip "Lilith Needs A Favor" and "Cranes Go Caribbean" every time they decide to show Seasons 8 and 10 in order? </pouting>

I swear, this has nothing to do with the fact that I've only see both of the previously mentioned episodes once, and that was way back before I really got into Frasier. Therefore, although I liked both episodes and found "Lilith Needs A Favor" amusing, the plots didn't mean much to me. I'd love to see LNAF again from a Frith perspective.

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