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Fic Post - 4 A.M.

Just a short drabble I wrote a while ago and forgot about until I found it while looking through my works-in-progress folder. Cheers universe, 859 words.

4 A.M
by duathkaimelar

He woke up early that morning, feeling something shaking against him. He shifted his body and found himself unable to move. He opened his eyes to find Lilith sleeping against him, shivering like a leaf. He smiled fondly. She was always so cold.

Then again, even he felt chilly that morning. In an attempt to identify the source, he lifted his head from the arm of the couch and felt a draft from the window. No wonder they were cold.

He turned his head around to look outside. It was still dark. In other words, it was far too early to be awake on a Sunday. He knew he’d never be able to fall back asleep in his current state. He wanted to shut the window, or perhaps move to their bed, but Lilith would wake up if he moved, and she had the hardest time getting back to sleep.

Besides, he found himself comfortable where he was, even with the chill.

There was a blanket hung over the couch. His left arm was curled tightly around Lilith’s waist, and the other was slung over her shoulder. With a sigh, he gave up any hopes of getting warm that way. He pulled her as close to him as he could, hissing in response to the ice that was her skin. He trailed over her cheek with his hand and sleepily placed a kiss to her hair, which fell freely about her shoulders.

His finger brushed over her eye as he continued his path. Frasier cringed slightly and froze. Her eyes were highly sensitive. As he expected, he felt her shifting beneath him. He removed his hand from her face and lifted his other as she turned around, her eyes opening halfway as she attempted to suppress a yawn.

‘Frasier? What time is it?’

‘I don’t know. It’s early yet. Too early, in fact. I apologize for waking you.’

She smiled at him softly, and everything seemed right in the world at that moment.

‘Don’t worry about it.’

She curled back against him, her face in the crook of his neck. She made no response as he continued to comb through her hair with his hands, but he did feel her relax considerably.

Curled up as they were then, like perfectly carved puzzle pieces, his heart swelled with so much emotion for her that he knew only one thing to say.

‘I love you.’

She pulled back from him and stared into his eyes, her own sparkling with passion.

‘I love you too, Frasier.’

She shifted so that she was on top of him as he pulled her into a deep kiss, caressing her face. Responding eagerly, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and struggled not to laugh when his tongue tickled her cheek. He pulled away slowly as he rubbed her arms and felt the goosebumps upon her skin.

‘You’re still cold.’

She smirked at him in reply.

‘Disregarding the current temperature and the small factor that the window is open, it was not exactly my idea to wear so little to sleep in last night.’

Frasier smiled and sat up on the couch, still cradling her in his arms. ‘Let’s see what I can do to warm you up, hmm?’

She slapped his arm playfully, then rested her head in the crook of his neck. ‘Nice try, Frasier. I’m still asleep to the point where I won’t remember this fully in the morning, and as much as I love making love to you, you’re freezing yourself.’

‘What makes you think that’s what I meant?’ he accused indignantly. Lilith only laughed at him in response, and he smiled at her again. He turned his gaze towards the window again. ‘Lilith, look,’ he whispered, ‘it’s snowing.’

Lilith raised her head from Frasier’s neck to take a look at what he saw. Sure enough, it was snowing outside. The snow was falling gently, rhythmically, accompanied by gusts of wind that were not terribly strong, but still strong enough to continue to chill the house.

Lilith loved the snow, especially when it had first fallen. She remembered the first snow fall the previous year. She and Frasier had sat by the window watching it for hours. She could have done so then, except she was still tired. Besides, last time she’d been dressed in a warm sweater as opposed to the nightgown she currently wore.

‘The snow is gorgeous when it first falls, don’t you think?’ Frasier asked her softly. She mumbled an affirmative response as she returned her head to the cocoon that was his neck.

‘Though, it could never be as gorgeous as you.’ He whispered this into her ear. She smiled in mock-annoyance even as the faintest blush crept over her cheeks. ‘Frasier, if you’re trying to sweet-talk me…’

‘I’m only kidding, don’t worry,’ he laughed, lifting her chin up. ‘Of course, I’m not kidding about you. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known.’ He kissed her softly. ‘Let’s go to bed, hmm?’

‘Sounds good to me,’ she responded as she yawned, and then stood up and they walked upstairs together, still in each others’ arms.

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Awww!! There's so little Frasier/Lilith fluff, and this is just gorgeous and adorable and oh so cute. We need more Frith fluff like this, and this is not the most coherant review but I'm squeeing a lot and I really really love this.

Aww, thank you, I'm glad you liked it so much!
I agree, by the way. There may not be much Frith fanfiction on the net, but what can be found is good. Even so, there isn't enough fluff at all. I'd love more random Frith fluff - you can't get much better than that. I may just have to write more. Or push you to write some. Or both XP.

By the way, I squee-d when I saw your icon choice. The idea of that icon fits our cause.

Awe! Yay! New Frith. That was lovely.

Made me really want to write Frith again but I keep getting distracted and I feel like I've lost my grip on the characters when I try.

This was wonderful though. ;-)

Aww, thank you!

Made me really want to write Frith again but I keep getting distracted and I feel like I've lost my grip on the characters when I try.

I was going to send my muses after you to help you not be so distracted :P, but it's still hard if you feel like you've lost grip on the characters. There have been multiple fics I've stopped and then restarted much later on because I felt the original wasn't true to them, and I've also abandoned things altogether.

Whenever that happens, because I'm a pathetic, obsessed Frith fan, I sit down and watch a few of my favorite Frith episodes and usually that works for me. Sometimes the early episodes of Frasier work better; I suppose it depends.

But I digress. The whole point of this is that if you really want to try, there are ways to fix it, of course. And no, I'm not hinting towards a thing.

That was totally adorable! I loved it hon it was too cute. I must admit these are my favourite kind of fics, I mean don't get me wrong, I love a good angst. But this is perfect :)